• Nissan steals the spotlight at the Tokyo Motor Show

    Nissan steals the spotlight at the Tokyo Motor Show

    The Tokyo Motor Show got underway last week, and with it came an array of new models and concepts from Japanese automakers. That is to be expected after all given that the Tokyo Show is certainly the most important auto show of the season for Japanese manufacturers. In the case of Nissan, we were treated to two interesting concepts and a surprising bit of news as well.

    The Nissan LEAF NISMO

    Electrification was certainly the big topic this year for Nissan. For starters, the manufacturer introduced the new Nissan LEAF NISMO, a prototype that is a sportier and more dynamic version of the pioneer of electric cars, the Nissan LEAF.

    The Nissan LEAF NISMO stands out with its aggressive silhouette, three-tone paint - red, black and white - and its big wheels. Using as its starting point the new-generation Nissan Leaf unveiled last month, the NISMO edition certainly pushes the envelope when it comes to exploring the full potential of the Nissan Leaf EV.

    The Nissan IMx is a SUV that is both autonomous and electric

    In addition to the Nissan LEAF NISMO, Nissan introduced the all-new IMx, a small sport utility vehicle concept that is both electric and has an autonomous driving system.

    According to Nissan, the Nissan IMx's electric motor and battery is able to travel up to 600 kilometers between charges, but the manufacturer did not want to elaborate on the engine that would end up under the hood. That said, it still suggested that this engine in question would develop 429 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque that would be sent to all four wheels.

    Regarding autonomous driving, the Nissan IMx has a system that allows the latter to behave alone and without driver intervention. By pressing a button, the steering wheel disappears into the dashboard allowing the driver to rest. By pressing this button again, the steering wheel pops back out and the driver can regain control.

    Nissan is joining Formula E

    In addition to presenting these two new models, Nissan also announced that it will join Formula E in 2018. According to Nissan, competing in the electric car racing series will not only improve its own electric technologies, but will also increase exposure of its green technologies and electric powertrains.

    To learn more about Nissan's new line of vehicles, contact us today at Morrey Nissan of Coquitlam!

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